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Primary CSF cyst of the brain in most cases is congenital. The secondary variant may develop due to external influences (trauma, infectious diseases, intracranial bleeding, etc.) A simple CSF cyst has a structure inside that allows fluid to move freely. The complex one includes not only cells of cialis membrane, but also third-party tissues and elements.

It is the clinical picture that is of maximum importance when choosing the tactics of treating this disease. With regard to localization, there are several options for the formation of a cyst, including a cyst: posterior cranial fossa; right or left temporal lobe (depending on where the cyst is located - on the left or right, the symptoms are different); interhemispheric (located in the gap between the hemispheres of tadalafil); frontal or parietal part; cerebellar (can be located both on the cerebellum itself and on adjacent departments); pineal gland.


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Progressive cysts are in the process of growing and constantly increasing in size, while frozen ones do not progress.

In any case, a cyst formed inside the head, no matter in which area, is a serious disorder and requires immediate treatment. The gradual growth of the cyst entails pressure on one or another part of the brain, which in turn leads to the formation of neurological symptoms.ov of viagra pills severity and intensity.

The causes of an arachnoid cyst of the brain are divided into two types: abnormalities during pregnancy (congenital type of disease); abuse of drugs or other chemicals; maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle, which leads to the accumulation of harmful substances in the body; exposure to radiation.

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The secondary type of ailment can be caused by: meningitis; agynesia of the corpus callosum; head injury; surgical intervention; inflammatory processes in the brain; increased pressure of cerebrospinal fluid; stroke; rubella; herpes; arachnoiditis; encephalitis; hemorrhages in the brain. In addition, the cyst can be caused by the abuse of drugs or alcohol.


As for pregnant girls, a banal visit to a bath or sauna during pregnancy can provoke this ailment, just like frequent hot baths.

The primary type of the disease makes itself felt already in childhood, since such a cyst begins to form even at the stage of fetal development. In the case of a childhood type of illness, it causes developmental delay, visual disturbances or mental problems in a small patient.


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Difficulties with diagnosis in most cases occur in adults, and what can we say about babies. The kid, even if he feels some kind of deviation, is not able to inform his parents about it. A secondary variant of the disease can also develop in a newborn (or cialis), but this is the exception rather than the rule.



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The reasons for the formation of a secondary type of CSF arachnoid cyst are more suitable for the adult period of life. Nevertheless, the symptoms in the two cases are approximately the same and may differ only in the intensity of manifestation. Common symptoms include: increase in intracranial pressure; headache; nausea; vomit; increased fatigue; pathological drowsiness; seizure states; convulsive seizures.

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In most cases, an arachnoid cyst resembles a brain tumor, hematoma, or abscess, which means that it will not be possible to make a diagnosis based on a patient survey.


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It should be understood that the presence of a disease that could provoke an arachnoid cyst has its own symptoms, and often these symptoms coincide, which makes it difficult to diagnose.




With an increase in the mass and volume of the cyst, the indicated symptoms intensify and the following signs can be added to it: